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My Third Door Story: Ivana

I knew as early as 11 that I wanted a career in the creative arts and a job that helped people. When I was 12, my dream was to become a veterinarian, helping sick and injured animals. As a 16-year-old, I wanted to be a TV host like the women on CTV's The Social. As I approached 17, I wanted to become a teacher, to change and enrich the lives of young children; then, I did my co-op placement and realized that career wasn't for me. After blowing out my 18th candle, I realized I wanted to open my own business, so I applied to a business program. My life was about to begin a new chapter, and I felt ecstatic and excited.

It didn't work out that way, fortunately. The challenge of making new friends and living alone away from home and my comfy little bubble proved too overwhelming for me. I failed a couple of my courses, fell into a deep depression, and couldn't handle the challenge of making new friends and living alone. All of this seems terrible now, but it was a blessing in disguise. After a year, I dropped out of my business program, telling my family I needed to take a break to focus on myself and work. The only way to figure out what I truly wanted to do was to flow with life. Throughout my life, there was one constant: social media.

My fascination with social media began when I was ten; I would film myself doing make-up tutorials and clothing hauls. In high school, I created and published more beauty content, which I enjoyed. Following the failure of my beauty channel in 2020, I discovered ASMR as my new passion. The ASMR channel I started and run to this day has grown to over 15,000 subscribers and counting. I needed something more fulfilling than YouTube.

I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a social media manager at the beginning of 2022. For four months, I lived off my savings and applied for every social media position I could find. After rejection after rejection, I felt defeated. I applied to Third Door after a friend suggested it; the rest is history.

I am delighted to be working for a team that is committed to helping small businesses succeed, supporting one another's goals, and celebrating each other's successes. Working for Third Door allows me to make my younger self proud of what she accomplished.

Do you want to work the job you always wished for? Open your Third Door today:

About Ivana

Ivana is a Franchise Owner that has 7 years of customer service experience, including managing small teams.In her spare time, Ivana films and edits videos for her YouTube ASMR channel. She grew it from 0 to 13,000 followers in 2 years and has worked with global brands such as Ana Luisa and Merit Beauty. Ivana loves to cook and bake. Two of her favourite dishes are Apple Crumble and Roasted Duck.Ivana is fluent in Serbian and English

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