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About Third Door Marketing

Third Door is a social media marketing agency that provides turnkey social media services for businesses.  We are a franchise company and social enterprise.  What does that mean for you?

1. We don't have account managers. We have Owners. And Owners care more.

2. We have a proven process for growing your business's social media.

3. By hiring a Third Door Owner, you're helping a young entrepreneur in your community.

Our Owners

We're Owners and we care more


Emilie Lebel Franchise Owner

Emilie is an award-winning marketing student from Kapuskasing, Ontario. She is currently in her 4th year at the University of Ottawa.


Emilie Rasmussen  Franchise Owner

Emilie is working on her Master of Engineering degree from the University of Ottawa.


Ivana Vasiljevic  Franchise Owner

Ivana is an ASMR YouTuber who grew her channel to 12,800 subscribers in 1 year. She is completing her Public Relations, Communication, and Media Studies degree at the University of Guelph-Humber.

Josée- Smile - Cropped.jpg

Josée Burry Franchise Owner

Josée Burry is a young entrepreneur who grew her real estate portfolio to over $1M in 3 years. She has 9 years of communications experience.

Meet our Founder

Meet Founder

Rachel Collier — Founder and CEO

In 2020, Rachel started a marketing agency called Third Door Marketing. In 2021, she created Third Door Franchises to help young entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom


Previously, Rachel was a journalist whose work appeared in the Globe & Mail, Ottawa Citizen, and CTV News. Rachel is also the author of Maps for Makers: Systems & Stories for Changing the World.

Rachel Collier Headshot.jpg

Our Founder's Story

The single most valuable thing a student can do is start the right business.

This is a bold claim. Why am I so confident?

Because starting the right business transformed my life. In less than a year, I went from welfare to earning over $100K/year. For the first time, I had financial freedom. I paid off my debts. I had power over my time.

How did I do it? I started a service company called Third Door Marketing that creates social media posts for companies.

It was not risky. My start-up costs were a few hundred dollars. And I did not work long hours. In fact, I only worked part-time.

I know this sounds too good to be true. But it’s real. You can do it too.

Here is the math:

4 hours per week per client

  • 2 hours to create 3 posts for 3 platforms

  • 30 minutes for revisions

  • 30 minutes for tracking and reporting

  • 30 minutes for 1 client meeting

  • 30 minutes for emails and posting

Roster of 3 clients

  • 3 clients X 4 hours/week = 12 hours/week

  • 3 clients X $1,100/month = $3,300/month, or $39,600 per year

This means you can work part-time, but earn a full-time income. And you can reduce your hours by becoming more efficient or hiring contractors.

When I was a student, I wished someone had helped me start Third Door Marketing. It would have saved me years of financial stress. It would have let me work on things I really cared about.
That’s why I’ve decided to offer top students their own Third Door franchise for $1. It’s a turnkey system for making money that includes training and finding clients. And the royalty is only 10%. In comparison, other student franchise companies charge an up-front fee of thousands of dollars and a royalty over 20%.

Let’s open your Third Door together.

-Rachel Collier
CEO & Founder

Our top 3 behaviours

  1. Relentlessly resourceful. We make things happen. We look for the Third Door.

  2. Get things done. We meet deadlines. We aim to respond to clients within 1 business day.

  3. Globe & Mail rule. If our actions were posted on the front page of the newspaper, most people would agree we acted fairly.

Our core beliefs

  1. Strong communities require great local entrepreneurs.

  2. We can train talented students to become great entrepreneurs.

  3. The best training is starting the right business.

  4. The right business also provides financial freedom.

  5. Businesses need effective and affordable social media marketing.

  6. Businesses can pay it forward by hiring talented local students.

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